Yeah Big! Tiny Print Pop Up Club- Store Open!

The Store at Stumptown Printers is now loaded with the 2x3 inch prints from the show.  Check 'em out and buy one as they are limited edition prints that come with a nifty little folding frame!

<=That's mine.  The colors are a little brighter than in the actual print, and you can't see some of the layers but that's it!  It's a 5 run silkscreen.  The main disappointment was that although I used as much trans base as I had for each color, it's still really hard to make out some of the bottom layers which include a printed "X" and "O" which is where I got the name for the print.  I originally had some more plans for the print but realized while printing that such a small print might get too busy with my intentions.  I'm not used to working this small so it was an interesting challenge.  I was also, apparently, the only one who chose not to cut the edges of my prints.  I like the way they look hand torn but maybe I should have trimmed them?

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