Wholly Georgia Opening Reception at Mint Gallery This Friday!

Forgot to post about this:
Holy crap I got into something!  Ha ha...show info follows:

Wholly Georgia: A Look at the Effects of Southern Religious Culture
"Wholly Georgia will showcase artworks that shed light on how societal norms bred from religious culture and how living deep in the 'Bible Belt' affect the lives of both religious and secular-minded southerners. Viewed from a variety of perspectives, artists critique religious traditions with both lighthearted humor and somber reflection, while others highlight the fulfilling role that religion can plays in their lives."

Opening Reception is this Friday!
Friday at 7:00pm - November 12 at 12:00am
MINT Gallery
145 B Sampson Street

And it's at Mint! I've never been there but apparently the space is small and the group selected 3 of my huge prints from 2008 (each one is 30 X 44 inches) so this could prove very interesting.  I'm strangely embarrassed to be showing prints from 2008 but I figure something is better than nothing.  Also, they are these really personal prints that I feel, although I adore them, are a bit immature.  I don't know.  I guess any press is good press, right?  I'm excited though.  It's kind of like a birthday gift for me since mine is the day before.

Here's one of the prints:

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  1. I wrote this whole really great comment and it was deleted...
    I wish I could be there! Let me tell you, there is nothing immature about that print, but I understand where you are coming from personally. Still, I'm excited your early work will get a chance to shine, because I think its some of your best and bravest!