CL Press about "Your Knot" and Community Conversation

Partially for my reference bute here's some press for the Community Conversation Wonder Root and Untie Atlanta are hosting at Ontologic tonight at 7.  Creative Loafing used an image of my print-woo hoot.


Image Courtesy Wonder Root


Some quick Updates for the next bit of the year.

So it's been busy what with random shows popping up here and there (which I'm not complaining about I'm just saying).  I'm starting work on some new ideas both regarding the domestic violence theme and other projects as well.

The next few months are full to the brim of applications (I think I've got at least one a month to complete till October or November).  In addition, finding out about some of those applications as well as the Leap Year residency will all be happening concurrently (Leap Year news comes in the beginning of August).

In the mean time here's a little bit about what is definitely happening:

"Change your ride"
Image by Wonder Root
I have a print in the Wonder Root and Untie Atlanta Show at Ontologic supporting the Transportation Referendum vote on July 31st.  Prints are on sale.  I believe gallery hours are from 2-4 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you can also purchase prints on the Wonder Root website here.  The other work in the show is really quite incredible.

(I think)Currently at Mint is the show "Untitled: Artwork too good for words". It's a group show and my diptych, The Fight is in it along with the work of some really amazing artists. I'm actually not sure if it's still up and if so how long it will stay. It was included as a part of the "All 4 One" 4th Ward art stroll.

"The Fight Part 1"
"The Fight Part 2"
The "Atlanta Printmakers Studio: Selections from the Emerging Artist Residency" show opens at MOCA Ga August 10th and the opening reception will be from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.  I'll have one piece from my residency work in the show.  It's a bit odd as I think that work translates better as a body but I've realized this might be one of the main problems with my work in general (inability to stand as well on its own in a singular context).

I am likely to be creating new work around the Domestic Violence theme, similar to and expanded from my solos show at the Arts Exchange for the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers wine tasting event in November.  It's a huge undertaking if I do do it and will be an awesome way to reach a very different audience (900+ lawyers attend the event each year).

Additionally, someone contacted me about my nest from the Beep Beep CDR show so I guess I'm selling that!
Photo by Lily Lampe (Burnaway)

That's really it for updates at this moment.  Lots of other stuff happening just nothing really to report on yet.


MINT Show opening- Untitled:Art Work too Good for Words

Another upcoming show I have work in.  Yay!

Opens this Saturday as a part of the All For One Art Stroll in the old Fourth Ward in Atlanta.  Facebook event page here.

The Fight Part 1
The Fight Part 2