Your Knot! A print transit show

WonderRoot is hosting Your Knot! I show with 7 print makers (including yours truly) creating work around a July 31st vote and Transportation Referendum.

I've been really drained lately so these prints have been difficult for me but, they'll be done and hanging at the opening: Thursday, July 5th from 7-9 at a little place called Ontologic.  All the prints are going to be for sale and all of them are editioned (whoa-me doing editioned work, what?).

Other artists in the show are Rich Gere, Chris Chambers, Jason Kofke, Craig Cameron, Whitney Stansell, and Cubby West.  I know a lot of them and if not, man, I'm freaking excited to be in a show with all of 'em.

Check it out, should be fun!


Closing the solo show

"Baby Monitor and Snitch"
I'm having the closing for my solo show, Object and Experience, at the Arts Exchange tomorrow morning from 11 am to 2 pm.  I'm serving bloody marys and mimosas and will likely do some sort of artist's talk around 1 pm provided there are enough people.

It's been fun.  Burnaway wrote an awesome review here.  Another writer, Sean Mills, of the Examiner interviewed me and wrote a piece here.

I mentioned I was using some of the leftover prints for a show called Create, Destory, Rebuild at Beep Beep Gallery.  The show got a less than favorable review at Burnaway here, the reviewer citing timid destruction phases as a cause for less than meaningful work.  I am curious if she knows about my other work in relation to this one piece but as a whole she is accurate about the show itself-there is a lack of destruction.  Still, I really enjoyed some of the work, for its exploration, particularly Sam Parker's and Kelly O'brien's pieces.

"Broken homes can sometimes get better." Photo by Lily Lampe-the reviewer


Burnaway Reviews of Object and Experience!

I was so excited about this review last week that I completely forgot to post about it on my blog.  Silly me.  In any case, Nathan Sharratt wrote a beautiful review for Burnaway that was published last Thursday.  You can read it here.

Love Notes

Vanessa, Age 11 Outside
Vanessa, Age 11 Inside

One thing I should say about my show; I was really blown away by everyone who came to the opening but even more so by their responses to the two pieces I thought needed the most work.  The installation piece (Vannessa, Age 11) and Love Notes.  These were both really different kinds of work for me (one being an installation and one involving text) and everyone really responded to them.  I think that's easier for the installation since the sound element is so intense (although people had a hard time hearing it-notes for the future) and the story itself so moving you can't help but respond.  Love Notes was simple for me, drawing comes pretty easily to me and I felt the piece just wasn't as developed but I also felt the text was too heavy handed.  But people loved it and really liked the quotes I used from cases.  Just a thought.  Goes to show what this artist knows.

In any case, closing reception Saturday, June 16th from 11 am to 2 pm.  Possible artist talk, definite mimosas and bloody mary's.

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