Artist Statement:

My work revolves around the changing dynamics of relationships, particularly within the context of various social issues or communities, and how these issues affect our individual and collective identities. It is driven by a philosophy that understanding comes through either direct experience or through the sharing of personal narratives and that by focusing on the extremely personal we can understand and experience something more universal. I also acknowledges the limits of our understanding each other and the limits of our relationships with one another and I am concerned with addressing and discovering these limits.

As a printmaker I combine various printmaking techniques to create layered monoprints which tell the stories of diverse relationships. By layering and piecing together an assortment of images and text I visualize the complexities of relationships and their range of connections. These single unique images work contextually in larger bodies of work to highlight larger narratives and/or social issues while individually telling the stories of those people directly impacted by the story.

My interest in complicated issues and relationships has challenged me to seek new mediums to inform my work. As a result, I am making work which includes prints, sculpture, installation, and performance pieces. I am driven to find the best way to illustrate each story and to bring an audience closer to the issues and experiences.