More publicity for me + free tickets to the Jack Daniels Urban Art Show

My sister found this article today about Atlanta Printmaker's Studio which also features an image of my work.  Sweet!  A+ for free publicity!

Check it out!

Also, I was reading through the creative Loafing today and saw an ad for Jack Daniel's Urban Art Show and free tickets so I immediately hopped on my new smart phone and scored some admission.  Very fun.  It looks like a killer show so I'm pretty pumped.

And finally some at work doodling for your entertainment (this is how bored I am some days):

Publicity for Atlanta Printmaker's Studio

I was recently told I should include a picture of my work with every post...
guess I will unless I end up with something more relevant.

Here are some of the articles that have come out in the past few weeks about their members show, which I have yet to see!

Creative Loafing
Arts Critic ATL
Access Atlanta

Emerging Artist Residency Show- Talk and Success!

I've been slacking on posting, no worries, this will soon change...

Last Thursday was the reception for the Atlanta Printmaker's Studio's Emerging Artist Residency show.  Ann Otterness and I presented our work from the past 6 (in my case 4) months and gave brief talks concerning whatever we wanted (in my case how the process for this project evolved as well as some of the thought behind it).  I have never given a talk outside of school and in school I really only gave two so I was really quite nervous, going so far as to go the night before and try to practice with a friend only to botch the whole thing successfully making myself even more nervous.

So many of my friends and family showed up to support though and the talk turned out very well.  The Video is on facebook and I've linked in my Tumblr account but I don't know how to download it so you guys will have to live with pictures of the work and a few from the show.

During my talk.  I always hunch up my shoulders when I'm nervous and speaking in public...I seem to be relaxed here...

Less relaxed here, or just really into whatever I was explaining.

One of my moms, my mother's ex-partner.

My older Brother


My sister in Law

My twin sister

my little sister with her portrait

me and the little brother and sister

something a friend took, I'd like to point out here that it took me a full day to decide what I was going to wear.

the publicity!

My friend said I glowed...it's possible I guess

friends and family checking out the work.  It was like 100 degrees inside the space.

My mom

Ann Otterness giving her talk

explaining some more stuff, notice my bare feet? I didn't want to wear shoes.

We gave the talks outside because it was sooo much cooler.  This is Georgia!

here's an idea of size...plus a block with a finished piece

my dad

my step mom

These photos are all courtesy of friends, family and APS!


Atlanta Printmaker's Studio in CL and Emerging Artist Residency Exhibit

So the residency I have been a part of since January with the Atlanta Printmaker's Studio has come to a close and the reception for the show, which is currently hanging in the Portal Gallery of the studio, is this coming Thursday, July 14th at 7 pm.  It will feature my prints as well as those of Ann Otterness, the other resident artist and we both will be giving artist talks.  I am freaking out.  I'm excited of course, but also insanely nervous about the idea of talking about my work for twenty minutes to everyone that happens to come.  I'm sure it will be fine but I'll definitely need to remember to keep my pace slow because I have a tendency to talk like a hopped up hummingbird (you know, 1000 beats per minute or whatnot).

In the mean time, APS has also been hosting a member's show and Creative Loafing covered it in their most recent issue.  It's an excellent article and I can't wait to see the show myself.