"You are here..." Opening at the Cube Gallery on Friday, November 9th

hey guys,
Lack luster and quick update for my show on Friday at the Cube Gallery.  I'll be showing work with Kristin Thorsen-it's kind of a fun, different thing to me (no heavy themes or non profit orgs in this work).  Please come if you are in Atlanta!

Opening Reception:
Friday, November 9th
6-10 pm
The Cube Gallery
662 Memorial Drive SE Atlanta, GA 30316

More Serious blog updates with pictures and things coming soon.


All the art things from every direction!

Ah, it's been awhile since I updated this thing here.

A LOT is going on.
First in my non art life I managed to sprain my foot as well as fracture it (I didn't know you could do both at the same time but boom, there it is) while caring for my younger brother and sister on my own for a week.  It's made all the other stuff going on really really interesting.

The Atlanta Office of Cultural affairs Public art program is hosting Elevate again this year and my proposal, which I made along with a poet and spoken word artist Avien Reese, was selected among I think about 6 other major projects.  We're highlighting the work and membership of the organization Back on My Feet, an org I volunteer with and Avien is an alumni of, and in particulars the amazing stories and connections that are made through the organization.  The project is centered around Avien and I creating visual and oral narratives which tell the stories.  I am completing multiple large scale murals (wheat pasted on paper-yay printmaking) around several locations downtown.  It's been daunting because the notice was fairly short and I had to conduct the interviews on my own (in the midst of babysitting two small children)-but the people are amazing and I have no worry that this won't turn out great.  Details for the events and locations are found on the here.

Additionally we are hosting, with Back on My Feet, a run/walk art tour of all the Elevate locations on October 20th.  the membership of Back on My feet is going to be involved and it's going to be excellent and challenging and wonderful.  I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to learn how to collaborate with different groups and make things happen-it's not easy though and I'm not sure how suited I am for it.  But I will learn to love it as it is what I really want to do.

Also as a part of Elevate is Wonder Root's, MOCA Ga's, and Kennesaw State's Imaginary Million event.  100 artists were selected to show their work and will be given an imaginary 10,000 to bid on each other's work.  I'm participating and will actually have two pieces in the show from my DV work earlier this year which is pretty neat!  A bunch of artists I admire and love will have work in the show so hopefully I can grab some pieces I would not normally be able to share.  I'm pretty pumped-I only hope I get to dress up hard core for the event.


I'm also in the midst of preparing for my show at the Cube gallery in November.  It's been a bit on the back burner due to Elevate stuff but it should be pretty excellent as well.  The artist I'm showing with is patient and outstanding.

Finally, there's a ton of other stuff I'm sending work out to and applying for.  We'll see what happens with all that.

That's the update, quick and sloppy but I needed to have something here.



Work out of state: "The Paper Chase: Volume One"

So I got asked to be a part of this recurring show in Kansas at a place called the Invisible Hand Gallery.  It's a table top print-fair type show that will happen quarterly and include 10 artist from around the country.  One of the former grad students at UGA, Andrew Burkitt, invited me to be a part of it, which is pretty cool as I always really liked his work (but I was a quiet student and didn't get close with a whole lot of my fellow print makers in school).

Info for the event itself can be found here.  It opens next Friday, September 14th.  Unfortunately I can't really make it to Kansas so I won't be there but if you're in Kansas you should go.


MINT announces the Leap Year artists and guess what!?

That's right!  Yours truly was selected as a Leap Year artist!  I'm so freaking excited and honored and really a little scared.  It's going to be amazing and the benefits and perks are outstanding but I know this is when shit gets real so I'm just trying to keep my mind together as I swim through this and the other things I'm doing and trying to do.  It's amazing though.  I met the other artists last week and they already seem incredible to me.  I'm really pumped to see what's going to happen this year.  The other two artists are Johnny Drago and Rebecca Hanna.

MINT made the announcement on their facebook page and Burnaway provided some brief coverage here: http://www.burnaway.org/2012/08/mint-gallery-announces-second-round-of-leap-year-winners/

Erica called me about two weeks ago during the middle of the day to let me know.  I laughed like an idiot for about five minutes and then asked is she was kidding. Yeah, I'm dumb.  I wasn't allowed to really talk about it till now which was both fun and a little nerve racking.

So freaking pumped.


Creative Loafing provided some coverage as well!


Selections from the Emerging Artist Residency Opens Friday

Atlanta Printmakers Studio:
Selections from the Emerging Artist Residency
The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia

August 11 - October 27, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, August 10, 6:30-8:30pm

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia is exhibiting prints
from APS's Emerging Artist Residency archives. Artists include:
Jessica Caldas    Hannah Skoonberg    Whitney Stansell    Cynthia Thompson

The Emerging Artist Residency program provides the resources necessary for
emerging artists to complete a printmaking project of their proposal. The residency includes access to the APS studio for up to six months, a free class, and personal
mentoring, plus a materials stipend. Learn more about the program at


CL Press about "Your Knot" and Community Conversation

Partially for my reference bute here's some press for the Community Conversation Wonder Root and Untie Atlanta are hosting at Ontologic tonight at 7.  Creative Loafing used an image of my print-woo hoot.


Image Courtesy Wonder Root


Some quick Updates for the next bit of the year.

So it's been busy what with random shows popping up here and there (which I'm not complaining about I'm just saying).  I'm starting work on some new ideas both regarding the domestic violence theme and other projects as well.

The next few months are full to the brim of applications (I think I've got at least one a month to complete till October or November).  In addition, finding out about some of those applications as well as the Leap Year residency will all be happening concurrently (Leap Year news comes in the beginning of August).

In the mean time here's a little bit about what is definitely happening:

"Change your ride"
Image by Wonder Root
I have a print in the Wonder Root and Untie Atlanta Show at Ontologic supporting the Transportation Referendum vote on July 31st.  Prints are on sale.  I believe gallery hours are from 2-4 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you can also purchase prints on the Wonder Root website here.  The other work in the show is really quite incredible.

(I think)Currently at Mint is the show "Untitled: Artwork too good for words". It's a group show and my diptych, The Fight is in it along with the work of some really amazing artists. I'm actually not sure if it's still up and if so how long it will stay. It was included as a part of the "All 4 One" 4th Ward art stroll.

"The Fight Part 1"
"The Fight Part 2"
The "Atlanta Printmakers Studio: Selections from the Emerging Artist Residency" show opens at MOCA Ga August 10th and the opening reception will be from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.  I'll have one piece from my residency work in the show.  It's a bit odd as I think that work translates better as a body but I've realized this might be one of the main problems with my work in general (inability to stand as well on its own in a singular context).

I am likely to be creating new work around the Domestic Violence theme, similar to and expanded from my solos show at the Arts Exchange for the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers wine tasting event in November.  It's a huge undertaking if I do do it and will be an awesome way to reach a very different audience (900+ lawyers attend the event each year).

Additionally, someone contacted me about my nest from the Beep Beep CDR show so I guess I'm selling that!
Photo by Lily Lampe (Burnaway)

That's really it for updates at this moment.  Lots of other stuff happening just nothing really to report on yet.


MINT Show opening- Untitled:Art Work too Good for Words

Another upcoming show I have work in.  Yay!

Opens this Saturday as a part of the All For One Art Stroll in the old Fourth Ward in Atlanta.  Facebook event page here.

The Fight Part 1
The Fight Part 2


Your Knot! A print transit show

WonderRoot is hosting Your Knot! I show with 7 print makers (including yours truly) creating work around a July 31st vote and Transportation Referendum.

I've been really drained lately so these prints have been difficult for me but, they'll be done and hanging at the opening: Thursday, July 5th from 7-9 at a little place called Ontologic.  All the prints are going to be for sale and all of them are editioned (whoa-me doing editioned work, what?).

Other artists in the show are Rich Gere, Chris Chambers, Jason Kofke, Craig Cameron, Whitney Stansell, and Cubby West.  I know a lot of them and if not, man, I'm freaking excited to be in a show with all of 'em.

Check it out, should be fun!


Closing the solo show

"Baby Monitor and Snitch"
I'm having the closing for my solo show, Object and Experience, at the Arts Exchange tomorrow morning from 11 am to 2 pm.  I'm serving bloody marys and mimosas and will likely do some sort of artist's talk around 1 pm provided there are enough people.

It's been fun.  Burnaway wrote an awesome review here.  Another writer, Sean Mills, of the Examiner interviewed me and wrote a piece here.

I mentioned I was using some of the leftover prints for a show called Create, Destory, Rebuild at Beep Beep Gallery.  The show got a less than favorable review at Burnaway here, the reviewer citing timid destruction phases as a cause for less than meaningful work.  I am curious if she knows about my other work in relation to this one piece but as a whole she is accurate about the show itself-there is a lack of destruction.  Still, I really enjoyed some of the work, for its exploration, particularly Sam Parker's and Kelly O'brien's pieces.

"Broken homes can sometimes get better." Photo by Lily Lampe-the reviewer


Burnaway Reviews of Object and Experience!

I was so excited about this review last week that I completely forgot to post about it on my blog.  Silly me.  In any case, Nathan Sharratt wrote a beautiful review for Burnaway that was published last Thursday.  You can read it here.

Love Notes

Vanessa, Age 11 Outside
Vanessa, Age 11 Inside

One thing I should say about my show; I was really blown away by everyone who came to the opening but even more so by their responses to the two pieces I thought needed the most work.  The installation piece (Vannessa, Age 11) and Love Notes.  These were both really different kinds of work for me (one being an installation and one involving text) and everyone really responded to them.  I think that's easier for the installation since the sound element is so intense (although people had a hard time hearing it-notes for the future) and the story itself so moving you can't help but respond.  Love Notes was simple for me, drawing comes pretty easily to me and I felt the piece just wasn't as developed but I also felt the text was too heavy handed.  But people loved it and really liked the quotes I used from cases.  Just a thought.  Goes to show what this artist knows.

In any case, closing reception Saturday, June 16th from 11 am to 2 pm.  Possible artist talk, definite mimosas and bloody mary's.

Facebook Event Page!


Create Destroy Rebuild at Beep Beep Gallery

I'm a part of a group show at Beep Beep again which opens this Saturday as a part of Ponce Crush.  I used some extra prints from my solo show.  The concept was to use work, destroy it, and rebuild something new.  Don't have any pictures of the new piece I made, it's not flat work though which was fun and weird for me, and as always, a challenge.  Pics from the show up soon!

The destroyed prints
Show Poster