"Alchemy" December show at Beep Beep

Hell yes.
The announcement for the December group show, "Alechemy" at Beep Beep went out yesterday on the face book.  Yippee: my name is listed next to some very well established Atlantan artists.  I am both nervous and excited.  Nervous because, after much personal debate, I decided to do something very different, and not really related to print (although I could theoretically take another step with them in that direction, we will see) with my little wooden triangles and I really have no idea how that will go over plus I really have no idea what any of the other artists are doing, alas.  Excited because I'll probably get to meet a lot of really neat people at Beep Beep and this is a part of Ponce Crush so it should be an really excellent evening.

I'll post pics of the triangles when I'm done, which better be before Sunday since that's when I have to turn them in.  Aack.  I'll be working on them all week while I'm in Savannah for Turkey day.  Hope my brother and sister and law don't mind me arting up their apartment.

Go to the show if you've got nothing to do.  Hell, if you've got something to do, reschedule it and go to the show anyway!

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