Upcoming Shows-Woo!

It's been some time since I've put anything here but mostly because I've been busy busy with my day job (got two promotions in a month-woo) and moving and the many other mundane life activities that prove to be huge time sucks.  There has been some arting as well though.  I manage to still do at least an hour of sketching or doodling most days as this is what relaxes me after a weird day at work.  In addition, I've got work in two upcoming group shows (both of which I was invited to-woo) and a solo show coming up as well in which there will only be new work.  Also, I've been applying for a couple of public art projects like Flux Projects and plan to apply to the Atlanta Beltline but I'm not too optimistic seeing as I have virtually no artistic resume to speak of and truly no public art experience.  Still, I'm hopeful and I'll keep applying till I get something.

The solo show is the biggest deal for me.  It's at the Arts Exchange and my high school professor, good friend, and all around amazing and inspiring person John Brandhorst, helped me score it.  I was shooting for August but got Mid-May instead.  I said yes because I feel like turning down anything at this point is not really a good move.  It's hectic though because it essentially gave me two and half months to create new work and that is typically the amount of time I spend stewing on ideas and motivating myself to actually produce something.  Still, I have some work in motion and will be cranking out some work in the next five week which I hope will be as awesome as I see it in my mind.  who knows.  I'll also be experimenting with a bit of something that I proposed for Flux for this show.  Not sure if it will turn out though since it requires actually constructing something and I have no construction skills to speak of but I'm gonna give it a shot.  Opening Night is Saturday, May 19th.  (I'm running the warrior dash with friends the next morning-woo).

The other two group shows are at Swan Coach House and Moca Ga.  The first, called the Price is Right, was so out of the blue for me.  Another artist recommended my name to someone and she called me.  never had that happen before but it felt great.  I'll have two or three old works in the show which is themed to all be priced under $1000.  Marianne Lambert, the curator will be picking works in early April.  Opening night is April 26th but I'll be in Washington so I won't be able to be there.  Swan coach house is pretty awesome, never been there, but I know some of the things they do for artists, particularly the emerging kind.  It will be nice to have some work there.  the Moca show is the collection of resident artist from Atlanta Printmaker's Studio and I heard about it a few months ago and just got confirmation it is actually happening.  I'm really not sure which pieces they will show either but it will all be from my residency show last year.  Opening night is May 5th, not sure when the reception is though.  Really neat stuff.

Lastly, I just got my first commission for a portrait similar to the style of my residency show.  Some family friends want me to do it of their children so that should be pretty cool and might lead to more money and work, woo!

I'll post pics and stuff of progress more regularly now but for now this text will have to do.