The old switch-a-roo for the Framers Show...

Well, Stephanie, who is organizing the Framers show I mentioned in my last post, decided she wanted some of my larger, more colorful and recent work in the show and gave me permission to bring in the piece I put in Youngblood in January or something like it (even though they are more than double the size restriction).  I took that print and some others, including the other half to that Diptych and Brian, the man behind the shop and show, decided he wanted both pieces!  I'm pretty excited, I just hope if they don't sell I have the money to buy the frames off the store as well!

I didn't get the other prints back so I'm not sure if they are going in as well but who cares, I get to have my big fancy favorites in the show and that's good enough for me!

(Pardon the crappy photos, once again, the colors are super skewed on this-aaccckkkkk!)

Culture Shock Part 1
Culture Shock Part 2


Print show at The Framers on Peachtree

So a fellow print maker from Atlanta Printmakers Studio, Stephanie Smith, invited me to be a part of a show she was putting together with the Framers on Peachtree.  As an artist we only had to bring in 2-3 small, unframed pieces and the Framers are framing them for us which is pretty excellent (particularly since I am so broke).  The show is happening in conjunction with The High Museum's Print Fair and opens May 11th.  The opening reception is likely to be that Friday and a percentage of print sales (from the framing costs) are going to support the studio which is also awesome.  So go and buy some awesome prints and help my Studio get some funds.

A Thousand Eyes will Smolder in Jealousy
I didn't have time to get any new work in since I'm trying to pull all that together for my show at the Arts Exchange in May so instead I pulled out some old smaller prints.  It's good, I need to clean out my old prints and no one has really seen them, but it still feels odd to use old work that is not really like anything I'm doing now.  I only have images of two of the pieces, the third I'll have to snap a pic of at the show.

Mixing Ink

Just for fun...more photo updates after the weekend.


"The Price is Right Show" at Swan Coach House Gallery

So I met with the curator of Swan Coach House's gallery and she selected three pieces for their "Price is right" show which will feature 18 emerging and established artists and their work for under $1000 bucks.  Pretty exciting for me to get an invite to a show without any kind of effort on my part.  I know some of the other artist's work and feel pretty honored to have been included.  Also, I only have to frame one of the pieces since she liked the way I put larger paper works on stretcher bars, which really just means money saved for me and that I won't have to charge as much for the pieces.  She selected some older work, which is fine because I really need to be getting rid of this stuff anyway-images below if you're curious!  Sadly I'll be out of town for the opening.

Opening reception:
Swan Coach House Gallery
Thursday, April 26th
6-8 PM


The Fight Part 1
The Fight Part 2