"Alchemy" Triangle Process

So I spent a long time trying to decide what to do for the four, rather small, triangles I got for the Beep Beep Show "Alchemy".  I had some ideas I really liked but that ended up not executing well and what I really wanted was to be able to do my type of figure work, but since the pieces were so small I didn't think that would work well either.  I wasn't sure if I should address the fact that the work would be on triangles or that the show was called "Alchemy" or what.  In the end I decided to go with a process I'd used before (mostly for fun) which involves taking all the random excess scraps and proofs from printing and cutting and piecing them together abstractly.  I am not fond of working abstractly.  To me, I never know when it's done.  I feel like I'm not skilled at focusing an image without something figurative or representational.

But I went with it anyway.  I took pictures along the way and thought I'd share the process a bit:
The naked triangles.
With the first layer-duramount and Japanese papers.

The cut up scraps before I duramounted them.
Stacks of duramounted color! 

These are the triangles, along with he one at the top, before the final ink I added. If you want to see the final triangles then come to the show on December 3rd:


  1. I now understand, I think, what you have been doing.

  2. Just now? That's cool. You could have asked me questions about it while I was working you know...