Stumptown Printers: Yeah Big! Tiny Pop-Up Print club! (Show last Thursday!)

 Just some random news:
Stumptown Printers: Yeah Big! Tiny Pop-Up Print club!  (Show last Thursday!) about a week ago.  The prints had to be 2x3 inches, which for me is insanely small, and I had about a week to do them.  I didn;t snap any pictures before I sent them off but Stumptown Printers should be posting photos of the prints on their Flickr photo stream.
If you're in the Portland area you should check out the show and maybe buy a print which includes a nifty little frame for only $15!

Fun little project for me, hope they liked my prints! (I personally was a little disappointed in the outcome, mostly I could have used another night to work on them-but that's on me for procrastinating).  I'll post an image of my print once Stumptown puts 'em up on Flickr.

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