The (not so) Daily Doodle

I will probably only realistically upload random sketches and doodles once a week but I really like the alliteration in "Daily Doodle" so I'm gonna go with that anyway.

Here's some drawn goodness for your consumption, some older and some from my recent car ride to Savannah:
Future painting or print...not really sure yet.

Another doodling from my Moe's and Joe's days that I just found.

Just found this, a doodling from my Moe's and Joe's days.

The brother, me and my sister.  Also for our new project.

For a project I'm a bout to start with my siblings.

Best dance moves ever...yeah I got it.

While Listening to the Strokes.

For another project with an organization I just got involved with. One of many sketches but my favorite of the bunch.

Not really sure what this is about.  Future painting or print probably.

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