The old switch-a-roo for the Framers Show...

Well, Stephanie, who is organizing the Framers show I mentioned in my last post, decided she wanted some of my larger, more colorful and recent work in the show and gave me permission to bring in the piece I put in Youngblood in January or something like it (even though they are more than double the size restriction).  I took that print and some others, including the other half to that Diptych and Brian, the man behind the shop and show, decided he wanted both pieces!  I'm pretty excited, I just hope if they don't sell I have the money to buy the frames off the store as well!

I didn't get the other prints back so I'm not sure if they are going in as well but who cares, I get to have my big fancy favorites in the show and that's good enough for me!

(Pardon the crappy photos, once again, the colors are super skewed on this-aaccckkkkk!)

Culture Shock Part 1
Culture Shock Part 2

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