"The Price is Right Show" at Swan Coach House Gallery

So I met with the curator of Swan Coach House's gallery and she selected three pieces for their "Price is right" show which will feature 18 emerging and established artists and their work for under $1000 bucks.  Pretty exciting for me to get an invite to a show without any kind of effort on my part.  I know some of the other artist's work and feel pretty honored to have been included.  Also, I only have to frame one of the pieces since she liked the way I put larger paper works on stretcher bars, which really just means money saved for me and that I won't have to charge as much for the pieces.  She selected some older work, which is fine because I really need to be getting rid of this stuff anyway-images below if you're curious!  Sadly I'll be out of town for the opening.

Opening reception:
Swan Coach House Gallery
Thursday, April 26th
6-8 PM


The Fight Part 1
The Fight Part 2

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