MINT announces the Leap Year artists and guess what!?

That's right!  Yours truly was selected as a Leap Year artist!  I'm so freaking excited and honored and really a little scared.  It's going to be amazing and the benefits and perks are outstanding but I know this is when shit gets real so I'm just trying to keep my mind together as I swim through this and the other things I'm doing and trying to do.  It's amazing though.  I met the other artists last week and they already seem incredible to me.  I'm really pumped to see what's going to happen this year.  The other two artists are Johnny Drago and Rebecca Hanna.

MINT made the announcement on their facebook page and Burnaway provided some brief coverage here: http://www.burnaway.org/2012/08/mint-gallery-announces-second-round-of-leap-year-winners/

Erica called me about two weeks ago during the middle of the day to let me know.  I laughed like an idiot for about five minutes and then asked is she was kidding. Yeah, I'm dumb.  I wasn't allowed to really talk about it till now which was both fun and a little nerve racking.

So freaking pumped.


Creative Loafing provided some coverage as well!

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  1. My sister is so cool. YOU ROCK MY SOCKS! So proud of you :)