Your Knot! A print transit show

WonderRoot is hosting Your Knot! I show with 7 print makers (including yours truly) creating work around a July 31st vote and Transportation Referendum.

I've been really drained lately so these prints have been difficult for me but, they'll be done and hanging at the opening: Thursday, July 5th from 7-9 at a little place called Ontologic.  All the prints are going to be for sale and all of them are editioned (whoa-me doing editioned work, what?).

Other artists in the show are Rich Gere, Chris Chambers, Jason Kofke, Craig Cameron, Whitney Stansell, and Cubby West.  I know a lot of them and if not, man, I'm freaking excited to be in a show with all of 'em.

Check it out, should be fun!


  1. wasn't able to make it to the show (but it looked great!) Any chance there's another way to buy a print?

    1. If you mean from the transit show, that is up through July so you can go to Onotologic and purchase prints. If you mean from my solo show then you can email me and I can let you know which pieces are still available. my email is jessica.r.caldas@gmail.com