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Ah, it's been awhile since I updated this thing here.

A LOT is going on.
First in my non art life I managed to sprain my foot as well as fracture it (I didn't know you could do both at the same time but boom, there it is) while caring for my younger brother and sister on my own for a week.  It's made all the other stuff going on really really interesting.

The Atlanta Office of Cultural affairs Public art program is hosting Elevate again this year and my proposal, which I made along with a poet and spoken word artist Avien Reese, was selected among I think about 6 other major projects.  We're highlighting the work and membership of the organization Back on My Feet, an org I volunteer with and Avien is an alumni of, and in particulars the amazing stories and connections that are made through the organization.  The project is centered around Avien and I creating visual and oral narratives which tell the stories.  I am completing multiple large scale murals (wheat pasted on paper-yay printmaking) around several locations downtown.  It's been daunting because the notice was fairly short and I had to conduct the interviews on my own (in the midst of babysitting two small children)-but the people are amazing and I have no worry that this won't turn out great.  Details for the events and locations are found on the here.

Additionally we are hosting, with Back on My Feet, a run/walk art tour of all the Elevate locations on October 20th.  the membership of Back on My feet is going to be involved and it's going to be excellent and challenging and wonderful.  I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to learn how to collaborate with different groups and make things happen-it's not easy though and I'm not sure how suited I am for it.  But I will learn to love it as it is what I really want to do.

Also as a part of Elevate is Wonder Root's, MOCA Ga's, and Kennesaw State's Imaginary Million event.  100 artists were selected to show their work and will be given an imaginary 10,000 to bid on each other's work.  I'm participating and will actually have two pieces in the show from my DV work earlier this year which is pretty neat!  A bunch of artists I admire and love will have work in the show so hopefully I can grab some pieces I would not normally be able to share.  I'm pretty pumped-I only hope I get to dress up hard core for the event.


I'm also in the midst of preparing for my show at the Cube gallery in November.  It's been a bit on the back burner due to Elevate stuff but it should be pretty excellent as well.  The artist I'm showing with is patient and outstanding.

Finally, there's a ton of other stuff I'm sending work out to and applying for.  We'll see what happens with all that.

That's the update, quick and sloppy but I needed to have something here.


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