Closing the solo show

"Baby Monitor and Snitch"
I'm having the closing for my solo show, Object and Experience, at the Arts Exchange tomorrow morning from 11 am to 2 pm.  I'm serving bloody marys and mimosas and will likely do some sort of artist's talk around 1 pm provided there are enough people.

It's been fun.  Burnaway wrote an awesome review here.  Another writer, Sean Mills, of the Examiner interviewed me and wrote a piece here.

I mentioned I was using some of the leftover prints for a show called Create, Destory, Rebuild at Beep Beep Gallery.  The show got a less than favorable review at Burnaway here, the reviewer citing timid destruction phases as a cause for less than meaningful work.  I am curious if she knows about my other work in relation to this one piece but as a whole she is accurate about the show itself-there is a lack of destruction.  Still, I really enjoyed some of the work, for its exploration, particularly Sam Parker's and Kelly O'brien's pieces.

"Broken homes can sometimes get better." Photo by Lily Lampe-the reviewer

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