April Ponce Crush

I went to my second Ponce Crush here in Atlanta. The basic rundown is that it is a gallery walk down Ponce De Leon Ave between Beep Beep, Kibbee, and Youngblood Galleries They have opening receptions at each on the first Saturday of every month. The main problem is that Beep Beep is definitely a slight trek (although really not so bad for someone without a car who is used to walking, like me) from the other two. The other problem I've encountered is that I'm not sure if it's a huge group of people or just sort of a "do your own thing" kind of walk. Both times the galleries have been mostly empty which is somehow a little disappointing on opening night thought I'm guessing I just happened to have missed the crowd.

I did manage to run into a large group at Young Blood this past Saturday and that was, like the show itself, intense. There was so much work, and so intricately done that I wasn't surprised to find it was the work of two artists; David Hale and Kris Davidson. Conceptually I really enjoyed the work at Kibbee gallery the most. The artist, Yana Dimitrova, took some time to explain the work and I really enjoyed her perspective, particularly with respect to the installation she had in one of the rooms. It had a lot to do with prioritizing and planning and the things we do and don't do in life....all very interesting to me and relevant to me (seeing as I rarely get the things I need to done in any kind of respectable time).

The installation featured large "to do" lists. After completed items on the list, she would add "paint check" and every item on the list had a corresponding square painted in either blue, green, yellow, or red for different levels of priority. Only the squares of finished items got checks so we were able to visually judge the relative priority of the things she actually managed to get done.

In any case, I look forward to more exciting Ponce Crush experiences in the future. tomorrow night I attend my first Castleberry Hill Art Walk and I'm definitely pumped for that one.

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