Current Project: Self Promotion and Social Networking Basics

Well, I started this blog...artist's blog...I've been trying to navigate the vast array of social networking tools available on the web with the help of my twin sister. I'm not good at this stuff; I am not a clever writer like her, I tend to ramble and type in run on sentences but we both agreed I should probably have a website and a blog and all that twitter/tumblr/facebook stuff to market my art, you know, in case I ever want to sell it.

So I've slowly been doing that. I have accounts for most of these things and I've been trying to figure out how to connect them all, preferably so I'll have to deal with them as little as possible independently (read: when I update one thing I want everything to get updated automatically). The easiest and most appealing to use is tumblr. But I guess I'll have to start coming up with things to write here.

Topics will vary: artists, my projects and work, art events I am going to/wish I was going to, other blogs, etc etc. I've got a nice little blog roll going already so thats good and I've got a long list of artists I want to look up and share the work of so that'll be easy too.

The main problem now is also my lack of photo taking equipment. A friend is lending me his super nice camera so I'll have a website with actual pictures soon and otherwise I'll be snapping photos with my craptastic digital camera.

The other main thing behind all these is the development of some sort of artistic persona. This was also something I brought up with my sister which is how she came up with the title of the blog. We figure, displaying and marketing myself as an artist should include how I present myself personally. I was talking to her about how artists used to be like celebrities...maybe they are and I'm just not in that circle (as it is I am technically and "emerging" artist which means I actually haven't gotten any important shows or anything). But I know/feel that certain aspects of my personality will have to be let go if I want to be successful, particularly my self-deprecation. I'm as much a product as my art is so this will definitely be interesting.

Zinka is just a name I've used for online accounts since middle school. Can't remember where I came up with it but I think it might be the remains of a favorite Anime character's name spelled backwards and altered to sound better. Go figure.

Yay for first post.

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