Goodbye to Harrisonburg

It's my last morning in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  I've rented a car and will drive home to Atlanta from here.
I'll miss this place but I'll always be an OFARian now, and it seems I may be back in October, which is pretty exciting.

I was excited Saturday, about the second half of my installation down town because I spoke to a lot more people, more in depth about the project.  The local newspaper, the Daily News-Record covered the work which was also exciting.  Someone from JMU's department saw the work as well and sent a nice note to Jon Henry about it and a few folks I had met previously throughout the weeks sent me some notes after they saw the article.

It rained much earlier Saturday (started around 4), so the work got washed away much faster.  I don't mind however, and one person, after understanding what the project was about, said something poetic along the lines of "don't we wish it were that easy in real life."  True.

Last night Jon, his neighbor, and a few folks we knew came over and we potlucked and card gamed.  It was a good time.

OFAR Potluck with gay bread and Woodbine Apples
Here are a few thing's I'll miss about Harrisonburg:
-Conversations with Jon Henry, particularly regarding white people, hot tubs, and cases "when there is art in that."
-The guy at the corner Hillcrest who waved every time I cut through his parking lot as I was walking to and from downtown
-The gigantic rabbits that live behind OFAR
-Working with The Collins Center and everyone there
-Meeting folks from the CJP
-The kind offers of rides whenever I was walking anywhere by total strangers
-The weather
-The Dodger
-The skies

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