Doing something different: Teaching a workshop!

Apologies for my woefully outdated blog.

To bring myself back into focus, here, I thought I'd share my upcoming workshop at MINT Gallery (the lovely hosts of my current, and soon to be ending, Leap Year Residency).  Scoutmob reached out to MINT with the idea of hosting a workshop series in October.  Lead by local emerging artists, folks will be able to sign up each week to learn a different skill.  Aubrey Longley-Cook, Chelsea Raflo, Ashley Anderson, Evereman, and I will all be teaching.

I'm teaching flagbooks, which seemed the easiest and most appropriate thing to share with folks in the highly limited time frame (only two hours).

Scoutmob's well written re-write of my idea:

"Wednesday, October 30: Flagbooks with Jessica CaldasThough Jessica primarily works as a printmaker creating large-format narratives like these, her appreciation for all things hands-on and process-oriented extends beyond the printer to the book arts, which she describes as a close cousin to printmaking. Her workshop will focus on flagbooks, a form of deceptively simple but fascinating and dynamic, accordion-like handmade books. Students are encouraged to bring old books, magazines, photographs or any other paper material gathering dust on the shelves that they can transform into a piece of beautiful artwork. (Translation: yes, you can turn those hoarded back-issues of Cat Fancy into something more.)"

I should note, I sent examples of flagbooks I found online and they used those as header images.  I asked them about it, since they aren't my work or my images, but no response yet.  Sorry to the artists who actually made those lovely things.

You can find more information about the classes and sign up here:

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