Christmas Wishlisting: Supporting your (ok, mine then) Local Arts Organizations

Hey hey....I just found out I have extra money this month.  I don't really do a lot of Christmas shopping anymore (I instead prefer to make as many gifts as possible and then give a whole lot of lovin to those I care about plus an awesomely rad holiday party is usually in order) so I spent that extra money getting memberships to some local arts organizations that I'd been meaning to join for months.  I think everyone should give a little to some organizations they love, be it art related or not, so I'm just throwing that energy (and idea) out there...although I know a lot of organizations are already doing that too.

Don't have an idea of who to give your hard earned money too?  Fine, donate to some of MY favorite Atlanta based arts organizations and receive my unadulterated adoration, as well as theirs:

The contemporary hosts a ton of incredible art events and they have great resources for members and artists.  This year their goal is $38000 for 38 years of awesomeness.

 I haven't really been to Wonder Root yet and I am very sad about this.  I keep missing all the amazing things I want to do there.  They also have a wish list of useful items they need.  I wish I had any of it to give to them. I did just give 'em some of my money though, so I look forward to hitting them up in the New Year.

Burnaway rocks.  There's not a lot more I can say about the coverage they provide of all the arts happenings in Atlanta.  If I'm at something and Burnaway is there I'm pretty sure I'm in the right place.  If you become a member you get swag.  If you donate right now your dollars count twice.  That's pretty rockin.
I've met the people who run Dashboard.  I kind of wish I hadn't because before I came back to Atlanta I had set my sights on becoming a Dash artist in the future.  While I'm not sure that's gonna happen anymore, I do know that the people who run it are as incredible as the things they do.  Give 'em some love.  Better yet, give 'em some monies.

Anyone who knows who I am (which isn't a lot of people, YET) knows my involvement with APS.  I love this studio, and not only because they gave me my first step to being an artist in the professional realm.  They do awesome things, and as far as I know, it's really the only place you can do a whole lotta printmaking in Atlanta.

Ok, give.  Do it.  It feels great.

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