Busy Busy Busy-Applications and shows

Another doodle for your consumption.
This week has been a little crazy but in the best kind of way.  I've been making a strong effort to draw for at least an hour everyday even if it's random doodles like the one above or the one I posted earlier this week.  A lot of the time what I think is my best work comes from random sketching and doodling in the books so this is a good practice.

I've also been trying to write up a description of a really huge project I'd like to take on which would be finished next year so that I can start proposing for shows.  It has to do with the domestic violence work I've been doing with AVLF and I'm both very excited and very passionate about it.  The first step is getting my supervisor to approve of the information I'd need to use for the project so hopefully I'll get the go ahead and can start working on it soon.  The biggest problems I'm going to face are finding a good space for it because it's not a particularly commercial project and it would be huge (I'm talking more than 2000 prints).  No matter what happens I'm pumped.

In addition to working on that I've been trying to complete applications for many different things.  I'm applying for a grant from the Elizabeth Greenshield's Foundation which I don't really expect to get but would be awesome if I did.  I'm also applying for a studio spot at the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center which I'm also pretty sure I won't get but I have a back up plan if that happens.  I really want a studio space, working out of my messy apartment isn't especially conducive to my studio practice.  There are a couple other opportunities and things I'm looking at so I'm really trying to get my shit together (Idea Capital Grant, Press Room Mini Solo Show, etc etc).  It's hectic and kind of exhausting but good for me to remember this side of being an artist.

I also met with Mark Basehore of Beep Beep pretty briefly this week but it was cool to finally chat with him a little bit about randomness.  He was very chill and encouraging about sending him some images of my work.  I did and got an invitation to be a part of their December group show.  That kind of blows my mind but it seems casual so I'm not trying to let it freak me out too much (in a good way).

I also went out with Lloyd Benjamin of Get This! gallery last night.  It was a pretty surreal experience because we started by seeing this pop up show for Chris Hobe at the W which is a super swanky hotel I'd never been inside of.  Then we switched gears and hit Northside Tavern which I'd never been to.  I don't think I've ever seen something so randomly cool.  The people there were dancing like something out of a movie to this blues band and it was incredible.  I even got in on the dance action.  It was really a blast.  I really liked hearing about Lloyd's work too and he even listened to me ramble about the Domestic Violence project I mentioned earlier.  He made the suggestion of utilizing 15 Minutes at ACAC which I'm definitely going to do to sort of flesh out the idea and see what kind of feedback I can get.

Updates abound I guess but I link to all this crap in case anyone actually does read this and wants to click through to some of the opportunities themselves.

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