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Yeah, I'm pretty much failing as a blogger.  I'm no good at this writing/updating thing but I do like sharing things I like and have been pretty active on the ZinkaProject Tumblr, both with pretty images and articles I can't help but like.  One day I'll figure out how to get fancy on the web and have a little feed connected to this blog, or on my nonexistent website.

I have been pretty actively trying to engage in the Atlanta art scene since the emerging artist show at APS.  This means I've been hitting up Ponce Crush and the Castleberry Hill Art Strolls.  I also got to go to Burnaway's fantastic fundraiser shindig, and finally checked out Get This! Gallery and Saltworks Gallery (two spaces I had been meaning to see for ages).  I'm getting really geared up for Flux 2011 tomorrow night.  Probably the most exciting happening in the past month and ingoing for the next month has been Elevate// Art Above Underground.  I went to the opening night events and caught a little bit of last weeks events as well.  I've been trying to see as much as possible but I've been slacking.  Luckily there is another month of excitement so I should get my fill of Elevate before it's over.  Why so exciting?  I'm really trying to think about how to get more involved publicly with my art and see how others do this, which is a lot of what Elevate (as well as a lot of the other HUGE things going on in Atlanta-like the Beltline Projects) are all about.  The idea of interacting with those who aren't normally connected to the art scene really appeals to me (like print making's ability to be more accessible than other mediums by a wider audience). I also got the chance to meet some of the artists and coordinators (like Nathan Sharratt and some of the peoples of Dashboard Co-Op) of the event and being the fan girl I am, that was pretty freaking cool in my mind.  There has, of course, been a ton of buzz and coverage about Elevate in most of the Atlanta publications that exist and they can all do much better justice to it than I so here is a laundry list of all the articles and links to images I could find quickly:

pretty lighting
Official Page
^Check this out for all the upcoming events in the next month and a down loadable program for your phone!  But probably the best resource is their page on FaceBook which updates regularly with photos, links, etc etc.

I showed up at the opening event right at 5.  I was a little confused about when everything started and where it all took place but I enjoyed hanging around underground, something I had never particularly done, as well as getting a chance to talk with randoms and see set up for a lot of the things going on.

Everything looked pretty amazing at night.

Richard Arnold's work-embarrassing story: When I met him I didn't recognize who he was and he was talking about the pieces working vs not working with a friend.  I had been kind of excited about the whole thing and the way it works (lighting up when you take a pic with your camera) so I proceeded to explain it to him.  Yeah, color me a dumb ass.  He was pretty kind about it to my face though.

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